Australia’s Largest Newsagency Marketing Group

About Newspower Newsagents

Newspower stores are independently owned and operated. With the support of the Newspower group, Newspower stores are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers carrying extensive ranges of greeting cards, magazines, stationery, gifts, confectionery, books, toys and many more products that suit their local communities.

Newspower Newsagents are an integral part of the local community and are a destination for information, education, entertainment and much more.

Your Newspower Newsagent is Local, Friendly, Professional and is waiting to get to know you!

About Newspower Australia Pty Ltd

Newspower is the largest Newsagency marketing group in Australia and active in all states and territories.

Newspower newsagents are located in metropolitan and regional areas – large, medium and small shopping centres and shopping strips. Newspower is proud to have many of the largest newsagencies in Australia as part of the group and equally as proud to have some of the smallest newsagencies as members offering a wide range of services and product.

Newsagents who value excellent marketing, service and support are members of the Newspower group..